Stowe Provisions was started by two childhood friends from Minnesota, Mark Stowe and Mark Howard, in Austin, TX in 2003. We began as self-taught leather workers making products and designs we like, that are only finished when they are up to our standards. 

What started out of financial constraints became a way of life for our company. We do everything ourselves: from cutting, tooling, and dyeing leather, to setting rivets, painting and photography. 

Only the highest quality materials are used: full grain genuine cowhide leather, eco-friendly dyes and oils, and several pairs of hands. We still produce all Stowe Provisions good ourselves. 

These designs are classic Americana. The craftsmanship is such, you take even remotely good care of these products, they're something your girlfriend, best friend or even kids will steal years down the road. 

On second thought .... don't take care of them.  If our experiences have taught us anything, the harder you live in them, the better they'll look. Wear them in a hotel pool, drown them in beer and whiskey, just don't forget them on a beach in Maine at 5am. 


Howie and Stowe

all photos by Chris Phelps